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  • Mayna Massage therapist

    Massage therapist Mayna

    Mayna is our newest therapist with a wide background in massage and more than 4 years in studies. She does Relaxation, therapeutic, sports, Pre natal, reflexology, hot stones, Thai yoga and also Lomi Lomi which is not yet on our menu.


  • Jeff massage therapist

    Massage therapist Jeff

    Studied at Heartwood Institute Minnesota center for Shiatsu studies.

    Modalities- besides the standard types of massage, Jeff offers Shiatsu anma, cranial sacral, deep tissue, prenatal, cupping, hot stones and relaxation.

    His massage is special because he blends the eastern and western techniques. His philosophy is that healing takes place at emotional, spiritual and physical levels and that each level affects the other.

    He loves meeting new people and being in a position to help them.

    Jeff has a BA in history and founded his own theater company.

  • Cassandra massage therapist

    Massage therapist Cassandra

    Education : LA Beauty school

    Modalities: Relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, hot stone and reflexology

    About my massage: I like to incorporate techniques that induce relaxation throughout a massage with gentle kneading. I also have expertise in deep tissue which involves more intense muscle manipulation that can restore mobility and decrease pain levels.

    I have a strong passion for massage and seeing the results on my customers gives me my highest achievement. Seeing them happy makes me happy.

    About me: I am from the busy city of Guangzhou in China Northwest of Hong Kong and on the Pearl river. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin and American english

  • Britta massage therapist

    Massage therapist Brittany

    Education- Aveda Institute Graduate 2012

    Modalities- Deep tissue, swedish, therapeutic, sports, prenatal, cupping (coming soon)

    A good client for me is someone who likes a more intense pressured massage, someone
    who is willing to put in the work of continuing at home self care to ensure the best results from my massage.

    My massage is unique because I am very detail orientated and know how to tailor your massage to you specific problems and needs

    My clients are what keeps me passionate about massage therapy. I love working one on one
    with people in a calm and relaxing environment, and the spa industry has allowed me to do just that.

    My philosophy on healing is to be patient. Healing physically and mentally takes time and

    People say I am a bubbly fun person

  • Brittany massage therapist

    Massage therapist Brittany

    Education- Dayton school of medical massage in Ohio, grad. 2009

    Modalities- Relaxation, Therapeutic, Deep tissue, Prenatal, Hot stone, Reflex, Cupping (coming

    A good client for me is someone who is open to the process of receiving a massage



  • Nicky massage therapist

    Massage therapist Nicky


    Education Wat Po- (famous school in Thailand), Thai Healing School in St Louis Park.  I am also an instructor for Thai Massage and a Licensed esthetician.

    Modalities Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue, Relaxation/Swedish, Therapeutic, Sports, Hot Stone and Thai Face Massage.

    A good client for me is someone who is Passionate about achieving long term health benefits.

    What makes my massage unique?I combine several techniques with each massage to accomplish the most healing outcome. I provide a caring touch that supports my clients natural healing response.

    What keeps me passionate about my massage? Knowing that I am contributing to my clients well being. Seeing the results makes my work very rewarding.

    Philosophy on healing Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion-Buddha

    Our bodies have the innate ability to heal itself.

    Fun facts about me I love gourmet cooking, cooking it and eating it. I also enjoy fitness and healthy living


  • Maria massage therapist

    Massage therapist Maria

    Education 2010 graduate at Aveda Institute

    Modalities Therapeutic, relaxation/swedish, cupping, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, prenatal, and sports

    A good client for me is someone who is Experiencing chronic pain and stress caused by deep rooted muscular tension and compromised fascia. I also love to work injuries in general, scar tissue and limited ROM. Improving someone’s quality of life through regular sessions of massage therapy is very important to me.

    What makes my massage unique? I utilize deep tissue work and trigger point therapy in the more compromised areas, and balance it out with traditional relaxation techniques to create an ideal balance tailored to each client’s individual needs. Additionally, I perform gentle stretching to improve flexibility, circulation and body movement.

    What keeps me passionate about my massage? Continuing to learn new techniques and modalities and grow as a MT, as well as being able to take part in the well being of every client.

    Philosophy on healing If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live? -unknown

    Fun facts about me I love cooking. I put garlic literally on everything that isn’t fruit or dessert. If that’s an issue, I won’t feed you.


  • Kunnika massage therapist

    Massage therapist Kunnika


    Education- Phenkhae Thai Medical School in Thailand

    Modalities Relaxation/Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep tissue, Reflexology and Sports,

    A good client for me is someone who is Experiencing tight muscles, problems with muscles knotting up, lack of sleep due to pain. Someone who has specific issues that they want resolved.

    What makes my massage unique? I was trained in Thailand. I use some Thai techniques in all my massages.

    What keep me passionate about my massage? I love seeing results from my clients. It makes me feel good and proud to help people feel better. Helping people gives me energy to keep on going and help others.

    Philosophy on healing The secret of health to both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. -Buddha

    Something fun about me I love photography and taking pictures. I enjoy going to the movies, nothing scary though. I enjoy spending time with my family.


  • Jamie massage therapist

    Massage therapist Jamie


    Education 2012 graduate from CenterPoint Massage and  Shiatsu School and Clinic

    Modalities Cupping, Relaxation, Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep tissue, Shiatsu, Sports, Prenatal, trigger point therapy, bamboo and reflexology.

    A good client for me is someone who is physically or emotionally fatigued. Prenatal clients who have hit or passed their due date and want a little extra help starting labor.

    I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in school so i like to add a little eastern twist into each session.

    What keeps me passionate about my massage? Knowing that with the use of my own 2 hands, I am helping people feel better both physically and mentally.

    Philosophy on healing The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.

    Something fun about me I have 3 daughters, 1 in the Navy, 1 in high school and 1 in diapers.

    I am a homebody who enjoys reading books and spending time with my family.

    I am a US Marine.


  • Ryan massage therapist

    Massage therapist Ryan

     I studied Massage Therapy and graduated from Anthem college here in Minnesota in 2010.  In 2015 I began studying Thai Yoga Bodywork at Deranadi. I’ve also had the pleasure of traveling to Thailand to study briefly under Master Pichest.

     I specialize in Trigger Point Therapy, while also offering sports. deep tissue, therapeutic, relaxation, hot stone and Thai yoga massage.

    A good client for me is a person looking to resolve specific issues.

    One thing that makes my massage unique is my specialization in trigger point therapy.

    It is the progress towards better wellness in each client that keeps me passionate about massage.

    My philosophy on healing is that body work must be customized to the person, keeping in mind who they are and what they are going through.

    I enjoy playing electric bass guitar and I like to write poetry.


  • Kayssie massage therapist

    Massage therapist Kayssie

    A  graduate from Northwestern Health and Science University of Minnesota.

    Kayssie has already regular customers and has proven to be another great therapist on our team.



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